Tuesday, November 22, 2005

What have I eaten today

Shucks~I think I am turning my blog into more like a update of what I have eaten for the day :P Haha. Anyway..here's what i have eaten. The end result of polishing off 4 plates of $1.90 sushi and a bowl of cozy warm yummy salmon head miso soup :) I was famished upon reaching Fiesta at Toa Payoh, hence didn't snap any of the food hehe. Well..I know the end results doesn't look very appetizing . I must say the food at Fiesta may not be authentic Japanese food (improvised to suit local taste bud), yet it is very tasty. I have been eathing Jap food at least once a week for the past 3 weeks. Am currently on a Jap food binge. There goes my diet plans. (-_-'') (._. )( ._.) --------------------------------------------- It's yet another sun less day. Time to show off your thick jackets and coats! Despite the coldness..I couldn't resist not eating this chocolate chip ice cream :P

1 comment:

Evon said...

i love japanese food too!
but the vinegar rice is fattening. argh!!! haha.

thanks for dropping by anw :D