Thursday, November 24, 2005

Of Toadstools and Beans

Its time for another edition of 'what did Eileen eat for supper' Venue-Mr Beans Time-11.10pm Christine and I went for our usual Wednesday gamelan practise. I told her about Wine network at Demsey Road. Hahha..we kinda explored that area. Pretty creepy I must say. I mean the area's quite dark, hardly any street lamp. After driving around, we decided not to eat at Wine network. Anyway, we ended up at Mr Beans. The spicy seafood soup was delicious (quite filling) and the brownie wasn't all too bad :) Okay..regarding the toadstools mentioned..we saw 4 of them sprouting nicely at an open field. Must be due to the rain these days. They looked kinda cute haha. How about going on a field trip and do some mushroom picking? Oops. They cannot be eaten. Okay..I am gonna take a bath. Time to stop this lame entry haha. Hey.. Happy Thanks Giving. Finish the turkey.

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