Saturday, April 01, 2006

I have moved

Okay this is it. my last entry here moving to
pls bookmark the new url :P thanks thanks :) and you are always welcome to come back here for my past entries :) trying to keep the layout similar. But it has a nicer url now compared to ladybean... though i am kinda attached to ladybean :x Wanted to move to, but cannot really change much of the stuff or alter the html stuff over at wordpress.. hence giving blogspot another chance. gonna be really heartbreaking and angry if blogspot fails again in the future.

Friday, March 31, 2006

In the process of moving

If you have been reading my would have notice how badly the layout is. Yeah, everything is hay wired. Aligment all wrong, and there are double posts.. I guess it was my fault. Blogspot had some problems few weeks back...and i tried importing my blog to another blog at wordpress. Seems that the scripts and codes got messed up while doing that. Anyhow... i have created another new blog and is slowly trying to cut and paste my entries at the new blog. so..will redirect you guys when i offiically move to the new blog. *suffering from the flu bug*

argh... pests...

It is highly irritating and definitely get on my nerves when ever I am in a hurry or not in an 'entertaining ' or 'patronizing' mood that these 'overly friendly' so called financial planners try to stop me in my stride.
over friendly guy: "hello Miss, can spare me just a few mins to do this survey for me??" (bad english)
depending on my mood and how the person trys to get my attention, this is how i usually react
-totally ignore and walk on
-use my hands to stop him
Why this entry today? HUH!!! coz this is a record high.. i got stopped 5 times in a matter of few hours. I know this is their rice bowl..but really, how many insurance policies or invesment plans can one get?!
While waiting for my bus at the bus stop outside Emerald Somerset... 3 different women approached me. I have my earphones ..blasting my mp3s. Shook my head at the first lady, and later got pissed when the 2nd one approached me just simply treated her as transparent and least to say the 3rd one got similar cold treatment.
4th and 5th time were at Toa Payoh... *roll eyes*
Okay, even if i were to filled in the 'survey form', it is affirmative that I will be filling in a fake name and an even fake-ier phone no.
I know they have this 'never say die' 'postive' attidude. Therefore..if you are really not interested in listening to them sharing about the policies, the drawing of the time line, the telling you what will happen if u are jobless when u are 50 kinda stories.. you have to be firm when being approach. Wishy washy and hahahaha.. good luck.... you will end up having a 'nice chat' with them
Okay..enough..let's not get started on those time sharing 'surveys

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

E-leen or I-leen, I am still ME

Sometimes when I introduce myself to new friends, or when I am asked my name, some of these people would go..Oh! You have a song, "Come on Eileen". -_-"'''' Frankly, I really don't like that song. And the Eileen is pronounced as I-leen in the song. My Eileen is Eileen with the in E-leen Yeah, some friends tell me the so called correct pronunciation should be silent E *I-leen*. But since day one few decades ago,(when my aunt gave me this name) I have been called and answering to EEileen :P Sounds odd at times when some friends or doctors call me by I-leen. Of coz I still respond to that. It wasn't until 2 yrs ago that I had "Eileen" added to my IC. It wasn't in my birthcert then. Seems that my mum delibrately left it out. *shrugs* I dunno why either.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Wayang kulit @SAM are my wayang photos!!
Venue-Singapore Arts Museum *Glass Hall*
We were in the glass hall practicing and of coz there were vistors to the museum. Quite a lot of them were drawn to the glass hall by our playing. I felt like a fish coz they were all peering in thru the glass.. :P
*practicing during the day*
*start of the wayang!!* It was quite crowded intially. Hardly any room for me to stretch my legs hahaha. Most audience wouldn't stay for the whole performance and this one is no different. Nearly half of those people u see seated at the back left after act one. Kids of all ages *big kids too* were captivated by the colorful puppets and fighting scenes.
*Can you spot me??*
Concentrating on my playing :P *front of the screen*
*group photo* The puppet master is the one in the center--Mr Purbo Asmoro who's quite renowned in Java and msuican Pak Wakidi Relaxing after the performance :)
Feeling a void , coz performances have come to an end for now -_-"" It was fun once again doing wayang kulit. Down with a slight cough and sore throat. Will update more about the wayang with photos later . Time to rest.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

i eat too much

Pardon my lousy grammer , trying to blog as fast as i can in a short time span. It is already 1.14am now. Haven't been sleeping early these days..then again..since when do I sleep early :Pp Had gamelan practice from 6.30 - 10pm for our performance the Singapore Arts Museum. Adjourned to Hong kong cafe for supper right after. *chris, me, alicia and edwin* Finally had the chance to eat there.. i know i know.. they have been around for awhile. Kinda spolit for choice coz everything looks yummlicious. The french toast is a must try..though kinda steep at 3 bucks per serving.
wow..already 2.15am and i have yet complete this entry. haha.. was uploading the pics and doing abit of photoshopping. here are the photos!

okay..time to call it a nght! *burp*

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Quiz time....

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