Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Not in the best of moods. It is always calm and sweet before the great big storm. Anyway..this entry may seem meaingless to some, I meant it to be that way. Don't even try asking me what is going on or what has happen. Some things are better left unspoken. I have deluded myself and had some disillusions for the past few mths. Oh, no no, this is not some left over feelings from what happened 7mths ago. Anyway, it's the clousure of yet another chapter. 我要快乐我要能睡的安稳 有些人不抱了才温暖 离开了才不恨我早应该割舍 --------++++++------------- 不想哭眼泪在眼中 我想笑嘴角牵不动 你的眼突然间看不懂 不想哭找不到理由 我想笑心却一直在痛 你的脸让空气变沉重 想忘了

Monday, February 27, 2006


Just trying out the collage function in Picasa..and i was wondering how it was done. Now i know!!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

lazy saturday

Went chilling out with some of my pals from the music group after our practise. Was at Thomas' art gallery shop house. Mind stimulating converstation, booze from Brewerks (one barrel left from the previous nite's art exhibit opening, to the delight of the rest, i don't drink) and cool nite, it sure is a nice way to well away some time on a lazy Saturday. Do u like my nail color? hahah..okay okay...i love the tiles Sitting at the door way.. Helena wanted a photo taken with me ,we were busy teasing the very wild house cat He may look docile..but don't be fooled by his exterior..he is one mean freaky cat!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Rochester Park

Yeah.Haven't been updating much this week :) So now here I am, feeding my faithful regulars with new photos and an interesting place to spend money. ----------------------oOoOoO------------------------- Rochester... I sure miss reading Jane Eyre. Nah! This isn't about Mr Rochester from Jane Erye. Went for drinks with my pals at One Rochester. It is basically a colonel house turn into a bali theme chillout winebar. It has an uncanny resemblance to this place at Gilman village (little bail). Normal bar prices with finger food that are easy on the palate. Quite a wide range of drinks/wine to choose from. I only took photos indoors.. the outdoor ambience's pretty cozy, with mini waterfalls and water features adding a touch to the balinese atmosphere Salmon ~~its delicious . Camera whore again :P

Monday, February 20, 2006

goose pimples

It sure takes a while for me to get use to the idea of how certain things (used to be rather taboo issues) are getting more evident in society these days. I am not a prude haha, no. However, when it is so in your face..you tend to squirm alittle.


Tanya Chua's 无底洞 有时寂寞太沉重身边彷佛只是观众 你的感受没有人懂 难得谁自告奋勇体贴让人格外感动 爱上他前后用不到一分钟 *嘿回想恋情的内容有谁想过有始有终 不过是一时脆弱让人放纵 穿梭一段又另一段感情中 爱为何总填不满又掏不空 很快就风起云涌 人类的心是个无底洞 尝试亲吻尝试拥抱或沟通 没有好感再尝试也没有用 大多数人都相同 喜欢的只是爱情的脸孔 没有谁背后怂恿不该爱 又爱的冲动是 你害怕孤单而拼命补充

Friday, February 17, 2006


Girl and guy making out...guy wanna film it using handphone... girl didn't say no. Video clip stored in phone . Girl lost phone, video clip was uploaded to the net for all to see. Quite a common situation rite? i mean when you are in the throes of passion and not thinking straight... bottom line-- don't be stupid lah!! Sure go ahead and film, record or take photos of u and your partner doing it, but use your brains..erase the file lah. Seriously, you just never know when you will lost your phone, or when your partner may just use it to black mail u.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Digitally enhanced

How Eileen looks like after a photo shop make over -- Before After I love dabbling with photoshop..however , the above effects were done by a friend :) I think i still like the way i look hahhah..but always think that my nose is too big.. :P yeah..we are never satisfied are we.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Monday, February 13, 2006

ring ring....

Ahyo..Singaporeans are a forgetful lot~! There is an alarming amount of hand phones reported loss. Hehehe..yeah, I am one of those forgetful ones. Lost one of mine in 2004 Nov. I left it in a cab! Was quite angry with myself. Tried tracking the cab..but to no avail. After that incident..my phone is virtually attached to me. hahaha. Top 3 places where people misplace their phones (my own 'observation'- at least what some friends have told me) --Cabs --Toilets -- Workplace (stolen) Lots of people love talking while doing their business in the loo. They simply leave the phones on top of the loo paper dispensers or somewhere nearby. Many a times they forgot about that expensive phone and off they go when they are done . The papers reported this fellow who lost 19 phones in 5 years!! Gosh,he sure sets the record! A close friend of mine(better not mention her name in this post hahahah) is quite unlucky too.. not that her phone got stolen or lost. Her phones are water magnets. Once she got 'sabo-ed' by some friends who 'dumped' her into the pool with phone in her pocket. And recently.. she was in the loo.. and somehow the phone slipped and took a dip in the bowl! But hey...those phones still manage to work despite the close shave . Phones in toilet bowls! I have heard too many times as well. Don't place the phone at the back pocket or even side pocket. Your phone could jolly well have a mind of its own and wants to have a dip. Another gal fren has lost 3 hand phones in 4 years. Well, she's lucky.. she has a rich husband to supply her with her phones . Read the Straits times Home section13/02/06 for more on lost mobiles PS- seems that we can't live without our phones. Oh yes! Try not to take any compromising photos/video on your phone cam. You never know who's gonna pick up your lost phone :P

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Blah Blah blah...

Do you have expectations of your spouse, family, lover, friends etc? What happens when these expectations doesn't come true or when what you expect doesn't realised? Do u feel resentment toward the other party? Is it better to have less expectations so as not to feel disappointed? What kind of relationship or arrangement would it be so as to have No expectations of the other party? Does such a situation even exist? I am rambling on and on. ______________________________ Am currently hook on Grey's Anatomy. Great chemistry between the casts. Plus Sarah Oh just won a Global Globe for best supporting role. She's not pretty , but somehow she has presence. Ellen Pompeo who played the role of Dr Grey is dizty...pretty, smart but somehow like most females, emotional. There are cute guys too in this drama. *drool* The last time I got hooked on a drama was years back. Was crazy over Felicity. Gilmore girls' not bad, but found it draggy. Same old story line, but they just drag and drag, going in circles for a few seasons. *yawn* Just another mundane Wednesday.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Funfilled monday

Yippy!! The Nafa performance was a sucess! However, I did make a few tiny mistakes :P Was trying my best not to look at my notes while playing but no choice...steal a glance here and there. Thank goodness it was pretty dark where the audience were seated..else i would have been really nervous with so many pair of eyes looking at us play. Then again, have never really suffered from stage fright . Call me 'showoff' or which ever term u wanna, but i love performing kekeke.. since those days in SAC choir :P Anyway, we had 'smashed' chicken (indo.chicken rice) for dinner after that :P Managed to grab a 'limited' indo.drink-advocado juice. Ok..too tired and lazy to write. Just look the photos okay? With the girls after the performance At the dressing room Taken from the backstage Isn't Edwin lucky? hahahha Me and my advocado drink Me and some members of my group :)

Friday, February 03, 2006

It's the weekends!!

Had a gathering with 4 poly mates . We had buffet dinner at Ellenborough Market Cafe (Merchant court hotel). Food wasn't really fantastic..just average I would say. Nevertheless, I was glad to be able to catch up with these ladies. Been a few yrs since we last sat down for a meal ! (*-^)

Up coming performance --->>>>>>Pesta Selamatan - The Inauguration of NAFA's Gamelan

Have been practising for an upcoming performance at NAFA. It's happening on the coming Monday, 6th Feb 06. There will be two dance pieces and a few others. Do refer to the link below..it's the 2nd event on the page :) http://www.nafa.edu.sg/in_happenings/events/2006/February.htm tickets are priced at $5 at the door.