Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Not in the best of moods. It is always calm and sweet before the great big storm. Anyway..this entry may seem meaingless to some, I meant it to be that way. Don't even try asking me what is going on or what has happen. Some things are better left unspoken. I have deluded myself and had some disillusions for the past few mths. Oh, no no, this is not some left over feelings from what happened 7mths ago. Anyway, it's the clousure of yet another chapter. 我要快乐我要能睡的安稳 有些人不抱了才温暖 离开了才不恨我早应该割舍 --------++++++------------- 不想哭眼泪在眼中 我想笑嘴角牵不动 你的眼突然间看不懂 不想哭找不到理由 我想笑心却一直在痛 你的脸让空气变沉重 想忘了

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