Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Funfilled monday

Yippy!! The Nafa performance was a sucess! However, I did make a few tiny mistakes :P Was trying my best not to look at my notes while playing but no choice...steal a glance here and there. Thank goodness it was pretty dark where the audience were seated..else i would have been really nervous with so many pair of eyes looking at us play. Then again, have never really suffered from stage fright . Call me 'showoff' or which ever term u wanna, but i love performing kekeke.. since those days in SAC choir :P Anyway, we had 'smashed' chicken (indo.chicken rice) for dinner after that :P Managed to grab a 'limited' indo.drink-advocado juice. Ok..too tired and lazy to write. Just look the photos okay? With the girls after the performance At the dressing room Taken from the backstage Isn't Edwin lucky? hahahha Me and my advocado drink Me and some members of my group :)

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