Tuesday, November 29, 2005

**Dinner with the ladies**

Met my gal friends for dinner Secret Garden. It's a cozy place at Middle Road. Kinda tired to write...so here are the photos :) I had the lamb kebab. It was nothing to shout about :P oh some of my friends had a good laugh at my kitty top.. hahaah.. yeah..the eyes were 'strategically' located at that area.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


How do u cope with changes? Do you take it calmly? Or do u make a big fuss out of it ? I admit I am someone who rather stay in my comfort zone. But that's not very good for my personal growth as i see it. Things are evolving everyday. Feelings, humans, objects are metormorphising as time goes by. People don't stay the way they are , feelings fade away. We have to protect ourselves from the pain (if there is) that comes from such changes. I am crapping. Auf Wiedersehen

Saturday, November 26, 2005

^^I am few hundred bucks poorer^^

Yes~Finally got myself a LCD monitor :D Bought it at the IT fair. The CRT monitor was near its end.. serving me for more than 6yrs. Was packing some old notes and found this relic! Okay okay,not relic but pretty ancient lah. My first phone-Nokia 5110. It's really heavy for a mobile phone. Technology back then wasn't as advance of coz. This model was quite popular if I am not wrong. Can't imagine how I used to lug this out.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Of Toadstools and Beans

Its time for another edition of 'what did Eileen eat for supper' Venue-Mr Beans Time-11.10pm Christine and I went for our usual Wednesday gamelan practise. I told her about Wine network at Demsey Road. Hahha..we kinda explored that area. Pretty creepy I must say. I mean the area's quite dark, hardly any street lamp. After driving around, we decided not to eat at Wine network. Anyway, we ended up at Mr Beans. The spicy seafood soup was delicious (quite filling) and the brownie wasn't all too bad :) Okay..regarding the toadstools mentioned..we saw 4 of them sprouting nicely at an open field. Must be due to the rain these days. They looked kinda cute haha. How about going on a field trip and do some mushroom picking? Oops. They cannot be eaten. Okay..I am gonna take a bath. Time to stop this lame entry haha. Hey.. Happy Thanks Giving. Finish the turkey.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


HASH(0x8cf57fc) Your grace and charm makes you beautiful. Your steadiness and calm is like a magnet to some people. Few people can still pull of "smooth" but you do with ease. What Makes You Beautiful? brought to you by Quizilla

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

What have I eaten today

Shucks~I think I am turning my blog into more like a update of what I have eaten for the day :P Haha. Anyway..here's what i have eaten. The end result of polishing off 4 plates of $1.90 sushi and a bowl of cozy warm yummy salmon head miso soup :) I was famished upon reaching Fiesta at Toa Payoh, hence didn't snap any of the food hehe. Well..I know the end results doesn't look very appetizing . I must say the food at Fiesta may not be authentic Japanese food (improvised to suit local taste bud), yet it is very tasty. I have been eathing Jap food at least once a week for the past 3 weeks. Am currently on a Jap food binge. There goes my diet plans. (-_-'') (._. )( ._.) --------------------------------------------- It's yet another sun less day. Time to show off your thick jackets and coats! Despite the coldness..I couldn't resist not eating this chocolate chip ice cream :P

Monday, November 21, 2005

G r e e d y --on a sun-less day

I knew I had to pay for my gluttony :P There is this thing about me regarding coconut. I can't take too much of it . That means anything that is cooked with coconut has to be consumed with moderation. Food such as curry..laska..coconut desserts.. yeah..I pretty much get the runs (8 out of 10 times >_<) Greedy me had a bowl of pipping hot yummy laska for lunch and true enough.. I had to pay for it. The pain was rated 7.5 on the 'oh my gosh its painful' scale. ------------------------------------- It has been a cool sun-less day.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

I am tired. Applied two different kinds of masks earlier. Realised that my complexion is getting bad. Oh something crossed my mind... Wondering do those who blog ever thought about this. How much of myself should I be revealing in my blog? There are friends reading this and perhaps just that handful of strangers who may actually find my blog interesting :) No, I didn't plan for the blog to be a platform where I kiss and tell..yet it's also an arena where I can express my ideology and opinions (without infringing any laws nor purposely trying to create chaos haha ). Actually , its nothing much..I just wonder where do I draw the line.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

What are your Comfort food??

My Top 5 Comfort Food (in order of preference) 1-Chocolates
3-Mushroom soup
4-Chicken rice
5-Toasted bread and melted cheese(sprinkled with sugar)

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Cheap buys!

Kinda rotting in my room tonight, hence decided to post some of the stuff I aquired today. Was out shopping (^_^) in the afternoon. Oh I have to mention about this green printed skirt which I bought in one of those 'auntie' shops located near bugis village. It only cost me less than $10..ok..$9.90 to be exact. I still get 10cents change back hahaha. Guess what!! I saw the exact same skirt, same print at Suntec Iora!! And it's tagged at $43!!! wahahaa.. I am a happy woman. Here are the rest of my shopping loot :P What else can I show you ...hmm.. some books that I am currently reading. You're allowed to borrow up to 8 items from the library till Jan 06 .

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Rainy evening

Took a cab from Clementi to NUS for gamelan practise this evening. Thank goodness I wasn't caught in the heavy evening downpour. Practise was okay, learnt 3 new pieces. Was kinda lazy earlier, wanted to skip practise coz I am still down with the flu >_<
Ok enough of this. Time for some photos. It was my cousin-Weijie's 17th birthday on Nov 14. Had dinner with family and cousins on Monday. We were at Seah Street Deli. I only realised that there were some cute guys seated behind our table hahaha when I saw this photo :P It has been awhile since I last ate at Seah Street. Well.. we have to agree with the choice as its the boy's fav. restuarant. Here are some of the food we ate.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Dirty Bowls

I dislike going to public toilets. I am sure lots of ladies share my sentiments. Guys may be wondering why their galfriends, wives, mothers..etc take such a long time visiting the toilets...here's why. There are some important steps taken before we actually start to pee or poo :P
Here's a senario
Entered a cubicle, first thing that greets you is how pundgent the aroma is. Your eyes immidently focus on the seat, which is somewhat dirty(could be dotted with spots of pee or unidentifiable fluid). Your hands darted towards the toilet paper and you yakked it from the dispenser with great force. You begin to wipe the seat (notice that this action is done even on a clean toilet seat). After you are satisfied with the wiping, you proceed to dispense more toilet paper. With paper in hand, you carefully place it either around the seat or line it across the seat. The paper has to cover the front portion of the seat(actually, this depends on how much your butt touches the seat ie how big or small your butt is :P) Now when this is all done, you are ready to sit down and proceed with the business. You may ask why go through all these just to pee. Ah, do you know how much viruses are ladden on the seat? And not to mention that we have to wipe away the left over pee from the last user!!?Or the footprints of some country bumkin when she climbed on top of the seat to pee?? (that required some kind of training..so pls do not attempt to do the act unless you are trained)
Of course I would chosen a different cubicle to use, but in times when there is a long que, one doesn't really have much of a choice. Sometimes I do opt for the squatting loo if its vacant.
Guys , so now you know what actually takes place in the ladies toilet. Next time don't pull a long face when u think we girls take too long -_-" . Did u say what if there is no toilet paper and the seat is dirty? Good question. Here's where the strenght of your legs come into use. Put all your weight on your legs, lift up your butt so that its hovering around the bowl, but make sure your butt does not touch any where near the filty bowl. I guess i have revealed quite a bit today.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Pardon the lousy quality..captured via my hp camera. Taken few weeks back..on a very stormy day. Just look at the clouds
View from the 18th storey of my flat...city skyline. Its nicer at night,with all the lights. ___________________________________ Feeling sick..indigestion. *burp*

Friday, November 11, 2005


Yippy..It's the weekends!! Been toying with the thought of going for a short getaway. I am having this suffocating feeling for awhile. Need to take a break. KL would be good. Breath in some polluted air in KL may do me good whahaha. Just an idea... not sure who would wanna go with me :P Kinda lazy to write at the moment..will blog later with some photos.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I can't think of a title for this post.........

What's your frigging reaction when someone accidentally bumped into you? How many times do u think u could get'bumped' in a day? Geez.. I was bumped at least thrice today!! -_-''' Yeah, I do curse and swear under my breath at times :P Anyway, was down at HV again. Had beef pho (viet noodles) at Pho Hoa followed by tea at TCC. Company for the nite were my two lovely gal frens -Jandy and Joey. Knew them since pre u days. That's like eons ago..(15 yrs to be exact!!)
Drink for the nite - Rasberry tea freeze (^_^) Topics for the nite - men and kids wahahha..Joey's a mummy of 2 kids

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I don't believe in love at first sight

I believe-- love is cultivated love is unconditional love pounce on you when you least expects it love sometimes hurts love is not selfish love doesn't necessary conquers all @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ I want somebody to share Share the rest of my life Share my innermost thoughts Know my intimate details Someone who'll stand by my side And give me support And in return She'll get my support She will listen to me When I want to speak About the world we live in And life in general Though my views may be wrong They may even be perverted She'll hear me out And won't easily be converted To my way of thinking In fact she'll often disagree But at the end of it all She will understand me I want somebody who cares For me passionately With every thought and With every breath Someone who'll help me see things In a different light All the things I detest I will almost like I don't want to be tied To anyone's strings I'm carefully trying to steer clear of Those things But when I'm asleep I want somebody Who will put their arms around me And kiss me tenderly Though things like this Make me sick In a case like this I'll get away with it

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Saturday Nite

I am such a sucker for late nite activities . Been sleeping really 'early' these days. Anyhow..I was out again. Haven't been clubbing much these days, my hey days were long over :P Wanted to hop by the newly renov. zouk, however, the queue wasn't really inviting. How we ended up at IndoChine Forbidden City was a long story. I have been to the other two Indochines but not this one at Clark Quay. The clientele is mostly Caucasians. Was there for an hour plus.
Anyway, I am pretty sure I must have put on another kg or two after my sinful supper at 3am.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Top 5 things I have done since the Breakup

Folks, it has been 3 months since the breakup. Here are some of the things I have been doing since. Top 5 things I have done since the Breakup (1)Read -The time traveler's wife by Audrey Niffenegger (cried) -Shape of my heart by Tiffanie DeBartolo (cried) -Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho -The five people you meet in heaven by Mitch Albom -He's just not that into you by Greg Behrendt & Liz tuccillo ( 'informative' ) (2)Cry Yeah..Pretty usual for a person grieving a lost love :P It was terrible during the first week. Cried the minute I was awake, cried each time he called. Thank goodness I have gone pass that stage. (3)Shop whahahahha... its rather therapeutic , though I did make a few impulsive buys. (4)Watch Tv Thank goodness for cable tv. Managed to watch some cool korean dramas hahaha. (5)Pig out -_-"" yup..i have been eating.. Its about time I lost some weight. Coz I would wanna start dating again!! (*_^)

Thursday, November 03, 2005

~~Pecial for you~~??

I am not too sure if there are any ladies reading my blog.But girls, this is for you.
Have you ever shopped at This Fashion lately? Pls pls do read carefully what is actually printed on those tee shirts. Damn funny man. I don't think the person desiging those tee shirts actually passed his/her PSLE English (that is if the person is a s'porean..no offence lah..) Or this person must have failed terribly during spelling lessons. How difficult is it to spell "special"? Or they simply don't practise QC . Anyway, for those who are interested(xpecially the guys)..this tee shirt is retailing at $8. Go buy it at Bugis This fashion for a "pecial" someone .

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

SInful snacking

Its another late nite..was at NUS for gamelan practise after shopping with Nicole n Christine. After practise ended..we headed down to Essential brews at HollandV. Mark (christine's hubby) came down to join us. I am feeling super Puuuiiiieeeee (F A T) now.
Chomped down lots of carbo.Oh i wonder if its true that eating too much potatoes makes one's butt bigger??? I am in need of a scolding for pigging out like that. Oh..the baby potatoes are nice... sprinkled with italian herbs. And dipped into sinful tartar sauce..hhhhmmmmmmm... :P
Must swim this week!!

Baby gibberish

5 things a 6 mth old baby girl is good at-- *cry *giggles *baby talk *munches on virtually anything she can get her hands/mouth on *pulls the hair of her carry-er
Let's just say it aint an easy task taking care of a 6 month old baby. Spend a couple of hours shopping with my darling god daughter, Nicole. She has grown pretty much, weighing a whopping 7kg now. Argh..my arms are still aching from carrying her. I kinda enjoyed these moments spend with her. Gives me a trialrun to being a mummy. Its very endearing to see her giggle with joy when being teased by me. Its another story when she starts her crying spells... -_-"

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

++may your light bulbs shine brightly ++

Its the festival of lights! not that i care lah. Good to have holidays anyway. Holidays means can get to sleep late and laze the whole day in pjs.Its also a good time for shops to have sales!! Discounts!! Holidays also mean that the poor botak boy can get out of camp and meet his sweet teenage galfren.
was out with Jandy earlier. We kinda cruised around aimlessly for an hour. Ended up at old airport road. Bleah. Wanted to try the hongkong cafe at eastcoast ..but damn that place is super crowded and no parking space :{ I will make sure that i will be there the next time someone ask me out for supper... YOu..you reading this..ask me leh..we go there okay?