Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Rainy evening

Took a cab from Clementi to NUS for gamelan practise this evening. Thank goodness I wasn't caught in the heavy evening downpour. Practise was okay, learnt 3 new pieces. Was kinda lazy earlier, wanted to skip practise coz I am still down with the flu >_<
Ok enough of this. Time for some photos. It was my cousin-Weijie's 17th birthday on Nov 14. Had dinner with family and cousins on Monday. We were at Seah Street Deli. I only realised that there were some cute guys seated behind our table hahaha when I saw this photo :P It has been awhile since I last ate at Seah Street. Well.. we have to agree with the choice as its the boy's fav. restuarant. Here are some of the food we ate.

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