Sunday, November 20, 2005

I am tired. Applied two different kinds of masks earlier. Realised that my complexion is getting bad. Oh something crossed my mind... Wondering do those who blog ever thought about this. How much of myself should I be revealing in my blog? There are friends reading this and perhaps just that handful of strangers who may actually find my blog interesting :) No, I didn't plan for the blog to be a platform where I kiss and tell..yet it's also an arena where I can express my ideology and opinions (without infringing any laws nor purposely trying to create chaos haha ). Actually , its nothing much..I just wonder where do I draw the line.

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oryx said...

at some point or another, someone you know will be reading this. how scary is that?

with that being said, as the nike ad says, "just do it."

if it really scares you but need to let it out... write on a piece of paper then burn it. :)