Monday, November 14, 2005

Dirty Bowls

I dislike going to public toilets. I am sure lots of ladies share my sentiments. Guys may be wondering why their galfriends, wives, mothers..etc take such a long time visiting the's why. There are some important steps taken before we actually start to pee or poo :P
Here's a senario
Entered a cubicle, first thing that greets you is how pundgent the aroma is. Your eyes immidently focus on the seat, which is somewhat dirty(could be dotted with spots of pee or unidentifiable fluid). Your hands darted towards the toilet paper and you yakked it from the dispenser with great force. You begin to wipe the seat (notice that this action is done even on a clean toilet seat). After you are satisfied with the wiping, you proceed to dispense more toilet paper. With paper in hand, you carefully place it either around the seat or line it across the seat. The paper has to cover the front portion of the seat(actually, this depends on how much your butt touches the seat ie how big or small your butt is :P) Now when this is all done, you are ready to sit down and proceed with the business. You may ask why go through all these just to pee. Ah, do you know how much viruses are ladden on the seat? And not to mention that we have to wipe away the left over pee from the last user!!?Or the footprints of some country bumkin when she climbed on top of the seat to pee?? (that required some kind of pls do not attempt to do the act unless you are trained)
Of course I would chosen a different cubicle to use, but in times when there is a long que, one doesn't really have much of a choice. Sometimes I do opt for the squatting loo if its vacant.
Guys , so now you know what actually takes place in the ladies toilet. Next time don't pull a long face when u think we girls take too long -_-" . Did u say what if there is no toilet paper and the seat is dirty? Good question. Here's where the strenght of your legs come into use. Put all your weight on your legs, lift up your butt so that its hovering around the bowl, but make sure your butt does not touch any where near the filty bowl. I guess i have revealed quite a bit today.

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