Monday, February 13, 2006

ring ring....

Ahyo..Singaporeans are a forgetful lot~! There is an alarming amount of hand phones reported loss. Hehehe..yeah, I am one of those forgetful ones. Lost one of mine in 2004 Nov. I left it in a cab! Was quite angry with myself. Tried tracking the cab..but to no avail. After that phone is virtually attached to me. hahaha. Top 3 places where people misplace their phones (my own 'observation'- at least what some friends have told me) --Cabs --Toilets -- Workplace (stolen) Lots of people love talking while doing their business in the loo. They simply leave the phones on top of the loo paper dispensers or somewhere nearby. Many a times they forgot about that expensive phone and off they go when they are done . The papers reported this fellow who lost 19 phones in 5 years!! Gosh,he sure sets the record! A close friend of mine(better not mention her name in this post hahahah) is quite unlucky too.. not that her phone got stolen or lost. Her phones are water magnets. Once she got 'sabo-ed' by some friends who 'dumped' her into the pool with phone in her pocket. And recently.. she was in the loo.. and somehow the phone slipped and took a dip in the bowl! But hey...those phones still manage to work despite the close shave . Phones in toilet bowls! I have heard too many times as well. Don't place the phone at the back pocket or even side pocket. Your phone could jolly well have a mind of its own and wants to have a dip. Another gal fren has lost 3 hand phones in 4 years. Well, she's lucky.. she has a rich husband to supply her with her phones . Read the Straits times Home section13/02/06 for more on lost mobiles PS- seems that we can't live without our phones. Oh yes! Try not to take any compromising photos/video on your phone cam. You never know who's gonna pick up your lost phone :P

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