Thursday, February 09, 2006

Blah Blah blah...

Do you have expectations of your spouse, family, lover, friends etc? What happens when these expectations doesn't come true or when what you expect doesn't realised? Do u feel resentment toward the other party? Is it better to have less expectations so as not to feel disappointed? What kind of relationship or arrangement would it be so as to have No expectations of the other party? Does such a situation even exist? I am rambling on and on. ______________________________ Am currently hook on Grey's Anatomy. Great chemistry between the casts. Plus Sarah Oh just won a Global Globe for best supporting role. She's not pretty , but somehow she has presence. Ellen Pompeo who played the role of Dr Grey is dizty...pretty, smart but somehow like most females, emotional. There are cute guys too in this drama. *drool* The last time I got hooked on a drama was years back. Was crazy over Felicity. Gilmore girls' not bad, but found it draggy. Same old story line, but they just drag and drag, going in circles for a few seasons. *yawn* Just another mundane Wednesday.

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