Friday, March 31, 2006

argh... pests...

It is highly irritating and definitely get on my nerves when ever I am in a hurry or not in an 'entertaining ' or 'patronizing' mood that these 'overly friendly' so called financial planners try to stop me in my stride.
over friendly guy: "hello Miss, can spare me just a few mins to do this survey for me??" (bad english)
depending on my mood and how the person trys to get my attention, this is how i usually react
-totally ignore and walk on
-use my hands to stop him
Why this entry today? HUH!!! coz this is a record high.. i got stopped 5 times in a matter of few hours. I know this is their rice bowl..but really, how many insurance policies or invesment plans can one get?!
While waiting for my bus at the bus stop outside Emerald Somerset... 3 different women approached me. I have my earphones ..blasting my mp3s. Shook my head at the first lady, and later got pissed when the 2nd one approached me just simply treated her as transparent and least to say the 3rd one got similar cold treatment.
4th and 5th time were at Toa Payoh... *roll eyes*
Okay, even if i were to filled in the 'survey form', it is affirmative that I will be filling in a fake name and an even fake-ier phone no.
I know they have this 'never say die' 'postive' attidude. Therefore..if you are really not interested in listening to them sharing about the policies, the drawing of the time line, the telling you what will happen if u are jobless when u are 50 kinda stories.. you have to be firm when being approach. Wishy washy and hahahaha.. good luck.... you will end up having a 'nice chat' with them
Okay..enough..let's not get started on those time sharing 'surveys

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