Friday, March 17, 2006

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Gosh! Finally I am able to post. What is wrong with blogger. There has been some problem with the server and alot of bloggers weren't able to publish their entries nor access to the blogs. I am glad I didn't lost any of my entries. Maybe it's time to move .
*rAnT oF dE wEeK*
There is a disturbing trend among the kids and young people these days. (before i go on..i have to stress, i am young , but these young people in question are younger than me hahahah ) What I am referring to is the way some of these kids type. dO U rEali LikE tO rEaD pAsSaGes tYpEd In tIs mAnnEr? I get a major headache the min. i see such typing style. Some of them even used such short forms when writing school essays. *roll eyes* Another thing I noticed these days. Adding of 'de' (的) and 'le' at the end of the sentences. Of coz such sentences are used in the casual context. But I personally find it quite irritating. For eg ---> No, I am tired, not gonna join u guys le. Or -- I am going to bed le. Argh..first there is singlish..and now this? chinglish? (*___________*)'''''

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