Sunday, March 05, 2006

shorts with heels?? -_-""

I just don't get it... perhaps many of you reading this now share the same view as me. Shorts...regardless of brand..length.. color etc.. is not suppose to go with heels. It may look alright on celebrities like Fann wong or Britney Spears,but i still believe that shorts for normal people like you and me should be wore with slippers or sports shoes :P Some ladies may think that it's okay to team heels and shorts together. However, I really frown upon that. It's the same as teaming stripped shirt with checkered pants. Wouldn't that look totally horrible and clashing? I have seen countless of such oddly dressed females on the streets. I am no fashion police nor someone who knows how to dress really well...but i still have some common sense to know what to wear and what not to wear . I still stand by my view that shorts should not be worn with high heels :P ----------00OO00---------- ps: i ripped the above from my old blog. hehehe :P

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