Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Wayang kulit @SAM

kekekeeke..as promised..here are my wayang photos!!
Venue-Singapore Arts Museum *Glass Hall*
We were in the glass hall practicing and of coz there were vistors to the museum. Quite a lot of them were drawn to the glass hall by our playing. I felt like a fish coz they were all peering in thru the glass.. :P
*practicing during the day*
*start of the wayang!!* It was quite crowded intially. Hardly any room for me to stretch my legs hahaha. Most audience wouldn't stay for the whole performance and this one is no different. Nearly half of those people u see seated at the back left after act one. Kids of all ages *big kids too* were captivated by the colorful puppets and fighting scenes.
*Can you spot me??*
Concentrating on my playing :P *front of the screen*
*group photo* The puppet master is the one in the center--Mr Purbo Asmoro who's quite renowned in Java and msuican Pak Wakidi Relaxing after the performance :)

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