Wednesday, March 08, 2006


*warning* The following post is a ranting entry. Do not proceed, I repeat, DO NOT proceed if you have no wish to 'hear' me complain wahahhaha. Instead, you can click Here for some cool and fun games. I am tired of unsolicited calls..just this few days alone I have received calls from a survery company (wanting to know about my views on certain advertisment), two banks trying to push me their credit cards, and some guy wanting to discuss my finanical situation. The banks are easy to deal with, hahaha, I start my 'script' before the card pusher goes on with their scripts. I tell them in a cordial manner that no thanks, i am unemployed or jobless, or not earning enough. And ta da! i got rid of the call. As for the insurance companies, it's abit tricky, coz those guys are trained in the thick skin department. They never take no for an answer. They 'die die ' must meet me for a 'chat' . Oh pls lah! Chat my foot. I hate to sit thru insurance talk. It's the same old stuff. The time line chart, how much we must save for old age, how much we have to prepare if we are lay off.. argh. And when asked who gave them my number, they will laugh it off..yeah..don't let me find out that YOU have been giving my number to some agent . These people will try to act as if they are your best friend, always friendly , always trying to accomodate to your timing. Blah! Ahyah, of coz i know they are just doing their job-helping us choose the rite kind of investment/insurance. Sometimes i dread going into pharmacies. There are 'dangers' lurking around. I just wanna browse around or just get want i need to get and out i go. Somehow somehwere, there will be this one sales lady trying to promote her slimming cream, her skincare, her hairt reatment etc. And hhahaha, it always seems that the sales ladies are the one that are in need of their own productS!!!!! hahahhha. GIVE ME A BREAK~~~!!! Enough of this rant. lalalallalallalal ------00ooo00-------

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