Thursday, December 08, 2005

What did i watch last night

Caught a late nite movie at Orchard Cineplex. Futuristic /action pack flick-Aeon Flux . I like the main actress, Charlize Theron. I remembered her in The Devil's Advocate, where she acted with Keanu Reeves. Great body hehe. I enjoyed the movie, and I hope the person next to me yesterday feels the same way too. Would wanna catch Pride and Prejudice soon. Read the book years ago.. May have to watch it alone *its not such a bad idea after all*
I can be fully immerse in the film. Not many guys would wanna sit through films like such. Plus, not many guys are Jane Austen fans. Did u just say I can watch with girlfrens? Sure..but sadly, most of them would rather watch with their significant other.

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