Sunday, December 18, 2005

Toilet encounter

Overheard in the ladies restroom (while I was doing my small business) little girl @about pri.1@: "Auntie Catherine~~~~~~!!!! Are you still outside? " Auntie Catherine: " Yes girl..are you done??" "NO~~~!! I want to pass motion~~!! You stand outside wait for me oky?? You come in and clean for me later!!" "Ok, i am outside here" I am quite amazed!! By the way..Aunt Catherine is the little girl's domestic helper. So now our country's children need help in cleaning of bottoms? I saw this girl before she entered the cubicle , quite obvious she is old enough to be wiping her own ass after she shit. Pardon my language. What happens when she needs to pass motion in school? Does she summons her teacher the same way she summons the domestic help? Who cleans her ass in school? I wonder can she eat by herself or is she spoon fed? Where is the girl's mum anyway? Busy shopping instead of tending to her own daughter's welfare I presume. Enough said.

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