Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Handicap loo user

ahyo..i dunno if anyone (by anyone..i would meant strangers, people whom i didnt invite or gave this url to) would be reading this entry. Arghh....heck care lah. Hhahaha.. Toilets must be the 'in' discussion these days on some blogs . Well..at least on some of the ones i read. Not so much of the smelly loos per se..but more on the morality of using such loos. I have to admit..i Do sometimes use handicap loos.
When do i use them? Hmm..when there is no one in the handicap cubicle, when there is an impossible long queue in the non handicap loos. It is perfectly okay to be using empty handiloos when there is no handicaps around (IMO) Poor
Xiaxue got screwed badly by some msian blogger when she wrote about using handiloos. haha..yeah.i do read her blog..its entertaining. I am sure many many of us ..yeah that includes u..we do use such toilets. as long as it doesn't hinder anyone or put anyone at harm :P Hey..btw...some people use handicap loos to do 'u know wat"!! Shouldn't these people be put to death then hahahhaa

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