Sunday, October 30, 2005

++big round eyes++

I dunno about u..but i am sick of seeing 'cutsy' photos by girls who try to put on a fake sweety smile while posing for pictures.. Its a very (in)famous Jap /tawian pose. Its an angle that doesn't even look like you~! Its easily achieve by raising your hand holding the camera ...which ever doesn't matter... raise your head up and face the camera.. smile sweetly (act cute) and click and there... it is bound to fool everyone into thinking u have big round eyes.. that angle hides away big round fat face... hides away chubby cheeks.. hahahha..Such photos can be easily seen in those networking webbies such as Friendster or Myspace. Speaking of which, I realised that not many people like Myspace. Perhaps its layout isn't as user friendly as Friendster. i dun posed like that...and even when i do..i dun post them online hahahah.. wat for. I am confident of myself. Such poses are for the self proclaimed 'sweet young things' . As for me... I am the Not so young...but still as sweet and confident lady ' hahahah..

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oryx said...

i don't mind the cutesy poses provided they are indeed CUTE! cos no matter how cute they pose, CMI.