Monday, January 30, 2006

Lunar New year....woof woof

Well well how's the ang bao collections?! Is the amount subsential or barely enough to cover the losses at cards/mahjong? hehehe. New yr came alittle early this year. Seems that there is not enough built up of the mood . Most of my friends and I thought that the mood isn't that cheery this lunar new yr. Another surprising thing is I didn't do the usual this new year, that is going chinatown. I suppose it would be nice to be there...jostling with the crowd, soaking in the festive mood. It's alittle too late for that now, though I should be dropping by the Hong bao river at Marina . There will be fireworks at 9.30 pm ,every night till the closing of the event! I just caught it along my corriodor :P It lasted appox 3mins. So what are u munching on right now? Pineapple tarts? chococlates? peanuts? or love letters? Which is your favorite new yr goodie? Mine is pineapple tarts! Ok. enough writing. Enjoy the photos :) What we feast on for reunion dinner = ) Card mahjong session Grandma, brother and cousins :) *click on photos for bigger image *

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